What Is a Self Storage Auction?

What is a self storage auction? Defining a self storage auction is actually pretty easy; it is the act of auctioning off contents that are contained inside of a self storage unit. It is the process of the auction itself that is a lot different than what is thought of by most people when they think of auctioneers and bidders. In a general auction, bidders usually have access to the items, can see each item and sometimes bidders can even preview the items so that they can try to determine the value before bidding.

Self storage auctions work a lot differently in several ways. First, the items within the self storage unit are not auctioned off individually; the contents are auctioned off as a whole. This is done so that the storage facility does not end up with any items left over from the sale.

Second, there is no preview of the items before the auction starts. Bidders are not allowed to touch, see or try to assess the value of the items that are located in the unit. Due to this, it can be a difficult task trying to determine how much the items contained within the unit are worth.

Also, once the bidding begins, those who are interested are not even allowed to step inside of the unit to look at the items. The bidders must stay right outside of the unit and they are only allowed to look in. Depending on how the items were placed in the unit, this means that some of the stuff might be buried under other stuff and the bidders would not even be able to know what is under all of the stuff on top.

At first, one might wonder what all of the excitement is regarding self storage auctions then, especially if the items cannot be viewed, researched or assessed prior to or during the bidding process. However, the mystery of what’s inside is part of the appeal for those who attend these types of auctions. Antique type businesses and those who resell items attend these auctions to try to find items worth of value. Even though sometimes they walk away with items that are not worth much, it is still a competitive and fun event to be a part of.