Deals to Be Found at Police Auctions

If you have never worked for the police or a connected entity, it’s very unlikely that you will have learned about Police Auctions until now. Police auctions tend to be a way of the police disposing of any unclaimed, thieved and reclaimed possessions they find during an investigation. They can also be a sales avenue for ex-police force vehicles. You may have heard stories of bargainous offerings, cut-price ex-police cars and recovered gold – auctioned off at half their market value – but these are not merely tales. Have you ever fancied tracking down a ten year old BMW M3 for only £3k? What about a Specialized Mountain Bike for just £100? The best buys may seem improbable but we have seen them in action at these auctions with our very own eyes. Ranging from digital cameras to electronic goods, there are a tremendous range of products available at auction. Plus the vast majority of these products can be found for much less than the equivalent item selling on comparable auction establishments like eBay.

There are a few reasons why this auction segment has a tendency to deliver under-valued products regularly and the fact that they are not that well known by the public is definitely a contributing factor. For causes unknown police constabularies don’t appear to advertise the auction merchants they use to get shot of their goods and this can result in police auction days becoming poorly enrolled. A lack of buyers can mean minimal competitors for lots and, subsequently, cut-price items for the people with knowledge of these auction dates. These types of auctions can also be a bit of a lottery. There are not any assurances particular goods are going to be for sale every single time for the reason that availability is dependent on specifically what the police are letting go of inside a specified time frame. If you are a market trade seller solely interested in quite an exact industry category this occasional availability may put you off. To really make the best of the possibilities available you should go to these sorts of auctions without too many expectations and you should try to have a determination to source products of any trade.

What type of items are sold via police auctions?

The answer to this question is practically anything! That’s the benefit of these types of auctions – they offer the ability to buy a distinct selection of lots possibly not seen at most general auctions. Lost and retrieved goods vary from road bicycles and motorbikes to mobiles and watches – quite simply the things you can imagine becoming missing or robbed and ending up in the ownership of your respective police force can be on the market. Police patrol vehicles are dispatched on to auction soon after they’ve arrived at a specific age or usage too – generally speaking as soon as they are over 3 years of age. These can end up being an exceedingly great deal mainly because the motor cars you can purchase are regularly over twenty per cent less expensive than their counterparts being auctioned via the typical trade mediums like Autotrader. Police officers do run some remarkable motors on their constabulary fleet too – top spec Ford diesels, Landrover Freelanders and Volvo D5s can be bought at values which would render the majority of motor vehicle dealers giddy.