Excelling at EBay and Auctions in 6 Great Steps

If you are reading this, then you are no doubt interested in excelling at EBay auctions. The world has been taken by storm by e-commerce and EBay is leading the way to individual successes that we often read about online. It was thought to be impossible to generate suffice income online, but there are people who earn up to $150,000 per month just by selling items on EBay. And if they can do it, why can’t you? Cliché as it is, we need to know how they have done it. In this article we will discuss the 6 great steps that will help you excel in EBay and, generally, auctions.

1. Know your product and Research its Market. It is obvious that you should know something if not everything about the product or item you are auctioning. You should thoroughly research an item such as knowing an antique’s history or a product’s complete specification so you can better inform the bidders. You should also know the people who will be interested in the item you are to auction by joining online communities or forums that discuss relevant information.

2. Write a Marketing Article and Advertise. Write a catchy marketing article that employs psychology, like using the word “rush” to create a sense of urgency in bidders. Also, make it easy to understand and avoid high-fallutin words as much as possible. Then advertise the item you are auctioning in affiliate sites or pages such as your blog site.

3. Give Promotions. By giving promotions, you will provide bidders the feel that they are bidding for more than what they are aiming for. For example, a promotion for prioritizing the first 100 bidders will provide a sense of security to the really serious bidder and also it appeals to their sense of pride.

4. Go as Low as you can. You can only achieve this if you know the manufacturing cost of the product or the product’s appraised value. So if a product sells for $50 while manufactured for only $10, then you can sell it for $15. This would be the same for appraised items.

5. Start a bidding war. This maybe considered cheating but this is business, and its war out there. So once people start the bidding, be sure to advice your friends to bid for the item as well in increments of even a dollar, thus increasing your profit.

6. Create good credentials. There is nothing better than a good name. A good reputation will echo to your next successful transaction. Be sure that what you promise is surely what you will deliver.

Repo Car Auction Auto Tip

An exciting and growing trend in the field of car buying are car auctions. At a car auction you can very quickly find a very high-quality vehicle and purchase it for a price that is below what you would pay at any other place. Some people have a concern over the mechanics of these vehicles in getting them checked out. We will address how to handle this concern.

As you know, any used car that you purchase could have mechanical issues. Generally auctions have less mechanical issues than at a used car dealership. At a dealership people are getting rid of their car because there is a problem with, they want something new so they trade it in. At an auction people lose their vehicles because they cannot make payment, so most of the time there is no issue mechanic issues with the vehicles at auctions. Or at least the chance of mechanical issue is significantly less. This should put your mind at ease about the mechanical condition of vehicles at car auctions.

However that does not mean you should have some caution about the vehicle you are about to purchase. One big indicator of possible problems is rust. A quick scan of the vehicle will reveal if there is lost to the structural integrity of the vehicle due to rust.

It might be a good idea to look through a beginners guide manual book on car mechanics. You can pick up a book like this from your local library or bookstore.

And of course if you have a mechanic that is a friend of yours why not invite him to come along with you to your next car auction event.

Auto Auctions – Car Auctions

Public Car or auto Auctions are a good way to buy a car. The motor trade & general car or auto buying public regularly pick up some fantastic bargains at car auctions.

Government car auctions, sometimes called police auctions, are used autos (usually impounded autos and/or decommissioned autos) that a government agency no longer wants or needs. . Since there are so many cars in these government car auctions, and the enormous costs for storage, these cars must be sold fast and cheap.

General car auctions are held daily throughout the U.S.A.

California auto auction

Atlanta auto auction

Philadelphia auto auction

Pennsylvania auto auction

Just to name a few

Did you know that billions of dollars worth of seized property are auctioned off at State & Government Auctions EVERY YEAR. Since there is a lack of knowledge in where to find these Government and State Auctions and general auctions many items such as cars and trucks, are being auctioned off to the highest bidder at unbelievable cheap prices.


You can save big bucks. By taking your pick of seized or bank-repossessed vehicles, you can buy cars or trucks, for up to 90% off retail prices!

Every year, you miss out on hundreds or thousands of great bargains all around you and you don’t even know it! The next person to pass you on the freeway might be driving an almost-new car that only cost them $500!

Thousands of vehicles are basically given away. Because of the government’s regulations on seizure and surplus, Uncle Sam picks up – and then has to get rid of – an overwhelming amount of goods and supplies. That’s where you can jump in and pick up new stuff for practically half price.

These auctions don’t need to be the sole realm of registered traders or lucky punters with insider knowledge. You may have an auction a few miles away but would never find it online because of state rules and regulations (the government wants to keep these auto auctions local so local citizens can benefit, not outsiders or outside states.