How To Bid At Penny Auctions

Searching for one of the best penny auction sites? So are countless other people. These special versions of auction sites have been quietly taking over the on-line world. In my opinion it’s fair to say that this can be largely because of the fact that such money saving deals are possible. Because they all are set up different though, finding the most suitable penny auction sites is not always an easy task. Because of this, it is vital that you pay attention to a few things, just to be sure that you have a positive experience.

The bid pack requirement is more than likely the primary things you ought to check out. I think you’ll find that most penny auction sites will require you to have a bid pack to get started”. A credit is used whenever you place a bid, so the bid packs come in useful. Having a bid pack will let you do that quick and easy without having to buy a new credit every time you want to either bid on a new item, or alter your bid for an auction that you are already involved in. It is not uncommon or each site to have a different bid pack requirement based on their rules.

Something else important you might want to look at is whether or not the site is niche specific or if it is a general auction site.You’ll find that a number of the sites you find are experts in things such as electronics, whereas other ones have more of a general number of items. It might be smart to spend a few minutes looking around the site to see whether or not it actually auctions the particular items you are interested in, this will help narrow down the best penny action sites for you. By doing this, you are making sure up front that the type of items you are interested in are available.

With each day that passes, penny auction sites are getting more popular then ever. It’s not hard at all to find those who have had great experiences winning items, paying only a small percent of what the normal price would have been. For many, this means that items which were once well out of the budget, are now easily attainable. Penny Auctions are still a new thing to many, so anyone with a bid pack and a desire to get some great products can make out like a bandit. For a few, penny auctions provide a ton of entertainment, I am one of them.

If you keep some of the things that I talked about in mind while narrowing down the best penny auction sites, you will give yourself the opportunity to have a ton of fun and win some great items

How You Can Find Deals at Police Auctions

If you have never been employed by the police or an affiliated organisation it’s fairly improbable that you would have come across Police Auctions, until now. They happen all over the place and are a method of the police disposing of abandoned, thieved and reclaimed items inside of their possession. They can also be an avenue for them to sell off their ex-fleet cars. These auctions are often shrouded in mystery – many people in the wholesale industry hear stories of crazy deals – like low-cost ex-police cars being sold off and retrieved necklaces being auctioned off at half their true value. But these are not just tales, they are based upon actuality. Have you ever imagined finding a 10 year old top spec Beemer for just £3k? How about a Specialized Mountain Bike for just one hundred pounds? These buys may sound improbable but we have witnessed them move through these public auctions using our own eyes. Ranging from digital cameras to electronic goods, there’s an extensive product selection available and the bulk of it gets purchased for much less than the corresponding merchandise being sold on comparable auction sites like eBay.

There are several logical reasons this auction segment appears to provide under-valued goods consistently, and the lack of public information about their existence is certainly a factor. For reasons unknown police constabularies do not manage to advertise the auction merchants they do business with to sell their goods which results in police auction sessions at most of these outlets becoming badly visited. Insufficient prospective buyers, not surprisingly, means low competition for products and cheap merchandise for anyone prepared to buy it. But these auctions can be unpredictable – there is absolutely no guarantee that specified things might be available on each occasion because the inventory is dependent on what the police are discharging in a specified time frame. If you are a distinct segment trade seller only keen on a very targeted market section this intermittent supply may discourage you. But to make the best of the possibilities you should attend these auctions by having an open mind plus you need to have a desire to obtain goods from any market variety.

What types of items are found at police auctions?

The easy response to this question is close to just about anything! That’s the remarkable thing about these types of auctions. Police auctions give you the opportunity to bid on a varied selection of items not really seen during general auction days. Robbed and recovered auction lots range from road bicycles and children’s motorcycles to cell phones and bracelets. Fundamentally, anything you can imagine turning out to be missing or stolen and ending up in the ownership of your respective police force, may be on auction. Police group motor vehicles can also be forwarded off and away to auction as soon as they have gotten to a specific age range or usage – often once they are nearly three years old. They can prove to be a particular bargain too as some automobiles available go for twenty per cent less than their counterparts being sold via the traditional trade platforms like Autotrader. The cops do operate some interesting motors on their fleet too – leading spec Mercedes diesels, Skoda Octavia RSs and Volvo T5s can be bought at price points that might make virtually all automobile vendors over the moon.

We’ve researched this sector for the past several years racking up an abundance of knowledge on the way and will say undoubtedly that there are bargains to be had regularly.

Motor Auctions – Bagging a Bargain

Buying a car at a motor auction can be a great way to find a bargain, but you should make sure that you do your homework first. Before you visit a motor auction with the intention of buying, you should go along to a live auction to learn about the way the bidding system works and to understand how an auction functions. While you may well leave with the car that you want, you need to be aware that you will be competing against other buyers. You might want to line up a number of potentials, just in case your first choice gets snapped up by somebody else.

Picking the right auction to go to and the right time to visit are important elements to make sure that you get the best deal. A quick online search will help you to identify the various motor auctions on offer in your area. Take a look around a few websites for local auction houses and you may even find that they offer you the opportunity to look at the cars that they have due for sale in their next live auction.

You might want to search for a general auction or a specialist sale if you are looking for a specific type of vehicle. In terms of timing, try to avoid school holidays and weekends, as they will be packed full of private buyers also looking for a great bargain. Evening auctions can also be busy, so if possible try to attend a daytime auction during the week.

Another important thing that you should do before attending a motor auction is to have a good think about what car you want to buy. Think about the size of car that you’re looking for, including the engine size, and try to narrow your choice down before you attend the motor auction. Once you get there, you may be overwhelmed by the choice – having a clear idea in your mind is the best way to avoid temptation and stay focused. You don’t want to end up bringing home a car that isn’t really fit purpose.

You also need to decide how much money you want to spend and how much you think that the car you’re interested in is really worth. Auctions are a fast paced and exciting environment, so it’s important that you don’t let yourself get carried away or you could end up driving home in a car that isn’t worth what you paid for it.

Turn up to the motor auction with plenty of time to have a good look around. Although you won’t be able to test drive a car, by having a good look around you’ll get an idea of how the car has been treated. Check over the bodywork for damage and also have a look at the condition of the interior. If the body work panels don’t line up properly, there’s a fair chance that the car has been involved in an accident – in which case it’s probably a good idea to steer clear.

Perhaps one of the most important things to understand is that you have no recourse if there’s an issue with the car once you have purchased. Most motor auctions will give you an hour after the sale is completed to raise any cause for concern. If you believe that any details on the entry form or in the catalogue are incorrect, you may have room for complaint – but it’s a time sensitive matter, so give the car a proper check before you drive away.

Remember that if you’re buying a vehicle at auction, you will be competing against dealers with plenty of experience in the vehicle remarketing industry. As long as you approach the motor auction process in the same way that seasoned auction buyers do, your first motor auction experience should go well.